Universal wet disinfection for all animal husbandry with a proven efficacy against bacteria and viruses to improve biosecurity.
Halamid can be used for drinking water systems.


Information about Halamid

Combine the unique Halamid® properties with our extensive application knowledge gained over 60 years in the market. Discover why Halamid® is your professional disinfectant everywhere where hygiene is required.

Some of the reasons why Halamid® is a unique professional disinfectant :

  • Large activity spectrum
  • Non corrosive in solution for materials
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Stable
  • Readily biodegradable
  • No risk of building up resistant microorganisms


The use of Halamid® as a professional disinfectant may be submitted to local legislation and a registration may be required. Please check with your local authorities or contact us to check about the registration status in your country.


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Comes in following sizes:

25x100 g, 1kg, 6 kg and 25 kg

The excellent effect of Halamid® against problematic bacteria and viruses is confirmed by numerous laboratory and field studies for all animal groups.

Biosafety measures are relevant for everyone in the entire "farm to fork" chain and begins with an effective disinfection in agricultural farms. Halamid® is a disinfectant that can be used on all areas that need to be disinfected, such as stables, equipment, vehicles and hoof baths.
Farmers use it by spraying and atomizing. For all disinfection, regardless of whether it is in farming or the clinic, Halamid® is used.

In dairy cow herds, Halamid® is used for the disinfection of udders as well as the milking equipment. In poultry keeping, Halamid® is used for the disinfection of brood eggs, among other things. For mink breeding, Halamid® is used for the disinfection of wire cages. Halamid® is used for horses against mallenders, thrush and ringworm in a 2% solution.

Recommended concentration

Types of application



Surface and stable disinfection when using a spray


0,3 l/m2

Surface and stable disinfection when using an atomizer


40-50 ml/m3

Disinfection of vehicles



Disinfection of water system


Clean with clean water

Disinfection of eggs



For continuous drinking water disinfection

200 gr. + 20 litres water, dosing pump is set to 2 %

The dosing pump is set to a 2% mixture

For boot rinse by the entrance


Renew as often as necessary

Cow's teat disinfection



Disinfection of milking equipment

0,3% - 0,5%

Clean with clean water

Hoof bath


Changed as needed

For continuous use for wet-feeding system

Mixed with 0.02% = 20 gr. per 1000 kg

Removes mould, fungus and all forms of bacteria