New foam disinfection with a broad-acting disinfectant as well as a detergent to "raise" biofilm. Suitable for hand disinfection.
The disinfectant is a Cationic Polymer (Poly Guanidine-Hydrochloride).

  • The product works differently than traditional disinfectants.
  • It works against bacteria, fungus and many viruses (the product has been tested against hospital viruses).
  • It is completely non-toxic for humans and animals.

The process

The disinfectant, the cationic polymers work in the following way:

The cationic (+ charging) attracts micro-organisms, which are normally always negatively charged (- charging).

The product is a polymer that "encapsulates" the micro-organisms and penetrates and destroys the outer membrane of all micro-organisms by "moving" divalent positive ions into the cell walls. The product binds itself to the negatively charged phospholipids, which are a necessary part of the cell wall. In other words, the cell/micro-organism dies and suffocates.

This process occurs on bacterial cells, fungus cells, enveloped virus and spores. Therefore, the product is particularly broad-acting in regard to almost all micro-organisms, also in regard to MRSA bacteria and bacteria that has adapted to traditional glutaraldehyde (Escherichia coli).
It is non-allergenic and does not harm the skin.

Comes in 250 ml