Staldren® (斯塔登 ®)

Staldren® - The effective dry disinfecting remedy



Information about Staldren®

- An effective disinfectant for all livestock -
Jorenku produces the dry desinfectant product Staldren®, to improve the environment for agriculture with different animal production

  • The compound is a drying agent which dehydrates the most common sources of bacteria and infection. Its ability to dehydrate wet bedding removes the possibility of maggots or larvae from striking.
  • It decreases the number of red mites in layer houses by 95 per cent. The product is a hygiene solution in powder form which has a broad-spectrum effect against bacterial and fungal spores.
  • It also decreases dampness and smells from wet litter.
  • The compound is applied on surfaces inside the poultry house including litter, nesting/laying boxes and can also be used as a dry foot bath at the entrance of the poultry house. It should be mixed together with litter before a new flock/day old chicks are introduced into the coop.
  • Since it is non-toxic, it is not poisonous even when ingested and helps in keeping the digestive tract healthy.
  • Since it binds ammonia in the litter and dries up the moisture, it helps in reducing cases of chronic respiratory diseases and decrease cases of foot pad burns (dermatitis), a condition caused by wet and sticky litter. The litter quality is therefore improved since it remains dry.
  • Cases of diarrhea caused mostly by E-coli bacteria have also been reduced in farms which use the compound.
  • Due to its disinfection properties, it is used in dairy farming as well as in pig production. It is applied in the animal’s pen for hygienic purposes.
  • Barn hygiene and disease prevention - using Staldren® in swine - download


The effectiveness of Staldren®

  • Increase survival rate
  • Increase immunity
  • Increase growth rate
  • Reduce medicine cost
  • Positive cost benefit


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