Staldren® Green is a Danish product that is thoroughly tested by recognised laboratories and is currently used as a hygiene product around the world.
Staldren® Green is especially gentle and has a well-documented effect on the most frequently occurring bacteria and fungi spores.
Staldren® Green is phosphate-free and PH-neutral, so it does not singe and corrode the floor and stable inventory and, more importantly, it does not dry out the animals' thin skin, which can give rise to cracks and this is then the entrance for bacteria and leads to infections and disease.
Staldren® Green binds ammonia to a stage where animals and humans can move about in the stable without odour problems and difficulty breathing.
Staldren® Green absorbs moisture and dampness and is therefore especially effective in stables with high humidity. Staldren® Green disinfects and cleans the stable environment, reduces the pressure of infection and thus ensures a healthier herd.
Staldren® Green can be used for all pets and is indispensable in connection with professional animal husbandry.
Staldren® Green is non-toxic for humans and animals and using gloves is unnecessary

Available in 25 kg bags as well as pallets of 10, 20 and 40 bags.

The effectiveness of Staldren®

  • Increase survival rate
  • Increase immunity
  • Increase growth rate
  • Reduce medicine cost
  • Positive cost benefit

Staldren®Green in use