Pick Block

The thoroughly prepared Pick-Block from Jorenku A/S

Pick-Block is a Danish product thoroughly tested in breeding- and poultry houses intended for both conventional as well as organic broilers. 
Pick-Block contain vitamins and minerals as well as corn and fodder which together makes Pick-Block attractive to poultry as well as breeding and hens. 

May be used in biological production in accordance with Regulation (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008.

Pick-Block can be used conventionally and as a problem-solver and has following qualities:

  • Behavior repressive 

  • Adjustment of requirement 

  • Specially-developed Pick-Block for use in all types of poultry 

  • May be used in organic farming 

  • A product that creates an overview and identifies problem areas 


Application for broilers:

1 Pick Block pr. 1000 poultries 
5 pcs. of Pick-Blocks in a start-stable with 4800 poultries.

Pick-Blocks can be moved with the poultries into the growing-stable after 3-4 weeks with a following continues supplementation. They can be moved with the poultries, however for the sake of biosecurity, we are recommending that you do not move used Pick-Blocks backwards in the system for new groups of poultries. 

Hens, egg-layer:
1 Pick-Block for 1000 hens.
It is necessary to have the right amount of Pick-Blocks in the stable and not too many. This is to ensure that it remains fresh, and that the hens maintain their interest in the Pick-Block when the need arise. However, it is important to ensure that the Pick-Block is placed properly, to make the block available for all hens in every corner. Hence, the arrangement of the stable plays an important role to ensure the availability. If you for instance have a section of 3000 hens, it may be optimum with 2 Pick-Blocks in each side. 

As soon as you have put them into the stable, you must remove the Pick-Block from the orange bowl, turn the bowl upside down and put the Pick-Block onto the bowl once again. In this way, the poultry has full access to the Pick-Block and it remains clean and attractive for a longer period. 

The poultries will normally use up the Pick-Block over 3 weeks, from where the hens will have individually and shifting needs. At change of feed it is important that the hens do have access to the Pick-Block. If you are experiencing a faster consumption, it may be because of a temporary increasing need. If you have any kinds of doubts and thought, please do not hesitate to contact your Staldren consultant. 

You will only need one type of Pick-Block from chicken to hen, since this Pick-Block is produced with high quality ingredients and products specially made to match and harmonize with poultry and their needs for high-performance, vitamins, minerals, occupation and nutrients regardless conventional or organic poultry.